Locked away in our Warwick based office, we’ve spent years perfecting the craft of creating effective websitesonline marketing strategies and design that delivers time after time.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced designers, web coders, analysts, marketers and copywriters can produce some seriously stunning results - if we do say so ourselves. But our ethos doesn't end there. Our main focus is always on producing marketing driven design to help you attract and convert more customers.

We know that talented and trustworthy creative agencies are hard to come by. It’s even harder to find one on your wavelength, and who has equal focus on marketing as well as design. Ever tried outsourcing some design or website development, but your designer just doesn't “get it”? Are they worried that by adding a data capture form, you’ll ruin their precious design? Are they slow to respond, or hold you to ransom for your domain and website hosting?

We have a core set of belief's that we feel set us apart from 99% of agencies out there...

We believe in delivering high quality service and high end work

We believe you shouldn't be charged for 2 minute jobs

We believe that lasting relationships build success.

We believe a website should have a purpose greater than pleasing the managing directors.

We believe getting leads and making sales is the most important thing for any business.

We believe that in order to be successful you need to get sh** done

Meet the believers....


Matthew Eldridge

Owner and Head Geek

Howdo - I'm Matt, Owner and head web, design and marketing master here at Melt Creative.

I've had the privilege of working for the Entrepreneur's Circle and running Botti Creative (The official Design Arm of the EC) before leaving to sow my own web seeds.

My Focus is all about delivering results not just pretty websites. By combining great design, clarity and injecting the right marketing tools and techniques I have a strong record for building effective websites that have brought in millions of pounds of sales and 100's of thousands of subscribers.

My aim is to grow Melt into one of the most well respected design, web and marketing agencies in the UK.

Interesting Facts: I'm probably the tallest webby in the UK today, I consume more Redbull then most third world countries and I once held the UK junior Shot Putting record for over 8 years until a baby Zeus came along and beat me by 1.2cm's!


Matty Hemmings

Creative Chief

Hello! I'm Matty. A lean, mean, design machine - from the glorious city of Coventry.

I started my design career in 2011, and I've had the pleasure of working with some lovely brands along the way. Starting off in just print-based design, I soon discovered a passion for websites and their potential inspired me.

I worked at the Entrepreneurs Circle in Solihull for just under two years, under rule of the big boss Mr. Eldridge and learnt a hell of a lot of online marketing techniques and tools needed to help grow businesses. I decided to join him when he started his own venture - I knew we would make a strong team.

My aim is to provide high-end, creative design that helps you to see the results you need for your business.

Interesting Fact: I've been playing guitar since I was 12 - I'm actually not too bad. In fact...I wrote a pretty damn soppy song for my girlfriend when we were dating to win her over...3 years later we now have a house...so I guess it worked! (Click here to listen to it here if you like!)

Meet The Rest Of The Team

They've been busy so haven't got round to writing their bio's yet.


Stephen Maxfield

Web and Graphic Design


Ashley Kirk

Junior Web and Graphic Designer

It's that commercial grasp and understanding that makes him so good at what he does..

Matt spearheaded all the EC's design work for almost 3 years and was an integral part of the EC's leadership team. He has real flair and creativity but, unusually for a designer, he instinctively recognises and understands that the business message is what comes first. It's that commercial grasp and understanding that makes him so good at what he does..."

– Nigel Botterill - CEO Entrepreneur's Circle
Their ability to understand the purpose of where and how the material will be used is key

Matt and Matty (not at all confusing...) have both been great at offering guidance and advice, as well as implementing changes to our website. However I have used them exclusively on design work - whether that be marketing material such as eBooks, Brochures, FAQs, infographics, etc. Their ability to understand the purpose of where and how the material will be used is key as they make sure the design is in line with the message.

– Sucheet Amin - inCase App & Aequitas Legal


We are proud to be one of the trusted suppliers at the Entrepreneurs Circle. This means we get  "The EC's way" and you can ensure that your website or design work will have the right marketing techniques and tools in place... unlike 96.3% of web designers out there.

We are also recognised for producing high quality work and second to none customer service.


Melt Design - EC Trusted Supplier Logo.png

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Only The Best Will DO FOR YOU...

You're only as good as your systems. In today's world, there are so many options to choose from for your design, website, selling, testing and marketing needs. Some are good, some are bad and some very, very ugly. Over the years we've tried and tested hundreds of tools and pulled together our ultimate list of favourites; ones we come back to time and time again. From open source CMS systems to enterprise level marketing tools. We'll only use the best quality and most appropriate solution to meet your project and budget requirements. Ultimately, we make your life easier, helping you to move your online presence forward. 

We are spending less money and every penny spent is fruitful at bringing us more productive leads...

Over the past 8 years or so we have been introduced to various different Web designers and SEO specialists, people who claim they can do wonders with our website etc etc. We have spent a lot of money on all the various aspects of building, maintaining and then ranking our site to try and utilise this side of our business which has become so vital in terms of obtaining new customers and leads.

We always felt that one specialist who could one thing well but then another part would be missing and we never felt completely in control either as if there were always something we weren't fully understanding.

Then we were introduced to Matt at Melt Design. We now have complete control of what we put up online, we can do as little or as much as we want and Matt's expertise means we never have to go anywhere else again as he is a genius when it comes to anything on 'the web'. He's designed our site, maintains it does all our Google campaigns and above all is the most genuine and honest person I have ever met in this industry. We are currently putting more time and effort into our online presence than ever before but thanks to Matt we are spending less money and every penny spent is fruitful at bringing us more productive leads than we have previously experienced. I cannot thank or recommend Melt Design highly enough.

– Karen Stepanova - Garden Aspects

We’ll Understand Your Goals... Before any recommendations, your Account Manager will carry out a thorough fact find to ensure that any advice provided and solutions proposed are tailored to your needs. If the brief requires it you can expect further communication from your Senior Designer or Copywriter, as they seek to understand your goals more clearly, so they can deliver creative solutions that you’ll fall in love with and will help you get where you want to go…

We’ll Talk Your Language... Don’t know your AJAX from your elbow or your GUI from your XHTML? Don’t worry, we promise that we won’t confuse you with design jargon and technical gobbledegook; we’ll always talk to you in plain English.

Our Promise To You

Web Design Guarantee

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We’ll Keep You Informed... Good communication is the key to a successful working relationship so we promise to keep you updated all the way through your creative project; so you’ll always know exactly how your project is progressing. If it looks likely that the scope, price or complexity of the work is changing, we’ll inform you straight away.

We’ll Always Deliver High
Quality Work... 
We pride ourselves on delivering creative marketing campaigns, fresh designs and compelling copy. However big or small the project you’d like us to work on, we promise that you’ll love what we do and you’ll be as pleased as punch that you
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