Create a secret sales machine in your business.

There is no one size fits all method for success with your marketing and sales. Your target audience is unique and how you speak and sell to them should be unique too. In order to really make your marketing work you need to be using a range of marketing pillars, designed to communicate with your target market in a way they can relate to and inspire them to get in touch.

Get this right and you will see a massive boost to your businesses fortunes and you'll rocket past your competition.

If you're new to marketing or a company that's tried and failed and would like to try again, we can help you. Here's how we approach your marketing and sales...


Step 1. Driving Traffic & Building awareness

The first part of the marketing battle is to get traffic to your website or webpages. The mistake most businesses make is that they build their site, let it go live and then wait.Sadly with websites the "Build it and they will come" philosophy doesn't really work. You have to drive the traffic yourself and most business owner's just don't know how.

After spending your precious time and money on producing a brilliant website you'll be expecting the flood gates to open and new customers to pour in... but this requires regular work and a content promotion strategy plan to drive traffic.

Here are the key areas we can help your business to attract the numbers you need.


Paid Advertising

Pin point your target audience with laser sight precision. Paid advertising is and will remain one of the most effective ways of driving targeted users to your website or sales pages. People are searching for what you do every second and we can help to put you in front of them.  

SEO & Fresh content

Search engine optimisation is a constantly evolving thing as search providers regularly change the way they rank in order to serve the right content to the right people at the right time. Get the onsite and technical basics right, combine it with a solid ongoing content plan and you'll rocket up the rankings.

Social Media

Social media gives you the perfect platform to increase your audience, establish your authority and build credibility in your field. When done right, it can be a massive traffic and awareness builder for your business. People will share, comment and interact with your business online, boosting your visibility and growing your customer base.

Public Relations

Getting the right exposure can really help to build awareness and exposure for you business. Whether you have a new breakthrough product or you're doing good things for your customers, a good press release can help take you to the next level.


Step 2. Data Capture & List Building

Once you start to see traffic numbers on your site increase, It's important to make the most of your new visitors. One of the most important and effective ways to improve the results from your site is the use of data capture strategies to build your marketing lists. If you're not using your web pages or your site to capture visitor data you might as well take it down.

You can capture this data through free give-aways, surveys, downloads, free trials and promotions. This then gives you a targeted list of potential clients that have heard of you and actually have an interest in the service or product you provide. Hook these pages up to a CRM or email marketing tool and you've just won round two.


Step 3. Automated follow up and Dynamic marketing

One of the most powerful things you can do in your business is to automate your marketing. By automating your communication with your new leads you can keep in constant, regular contact without having to lift a finger. This will help to build a personalised relationship with them, establish your authority and even weed out the potential bad clients before you even have to speak to them. You can then promote and sell your products and services without looking like a dodgy salesman... all while you carry on with your daily business. Automation is a beautiful thing.



Email marketing is the single most effective way to start and maintain your relationship, drive traffic and make sales. From simple content campaign, auto-responders and full sale launches you'll get an expert email service every time.


After someone has paid a visit to your site but taken no action you'll want to keep them aware that you're still around. By using re-targeting you can serve different adds to them building your brand awareness and promoting relevant offers and services.

Direct Mail

Still a very effective method for you to deploy in your business. Direct mail has the power to reignite a potential lost sale. Use this to increase sales, build brand awareness and drive people back to your to your sales funnels.

Step 4.  Your Sales Machine

Once you've built your list and built your engagement and trust with your follow up marketing efforts its time to start making some sales. To do this you'll put them through a sales funnel. These can be as simple as a 1 product order form through to multiple step up sell process. Hook this into your automated follow up system and you have a sales machine for your business.

We are now having record website sales month after month and we've only just begun.

Following a full critique of our website and business systems, Matt suggested a new and exciting e-commerce platform upon which they developed a fully integrated website with our business and marketing systems which now play a major part in our aggressive sales growth plans.

We are now having record website sales month after month and we've only just begun. The team continue to support us with regular updates and monthly campaigns.

– Tracy Farrow Cashmere & Cotton Owner

Our Marketing & Promotion Services Include...

Creative Design & Development

Content Strategy

Content is king, our marketing team know what it takes to connect with your customers online. Because if people find your brand interesting, Google will too.

Onsite and technical SEO

Onsite and technical SEO

Technical SEO is a fundamental part of sitting pretty at the top of the search tree. We'll help make sense of detailed on-site requirements that will support ranking success.

Customer Insight & Research

Paid Search and Advertising

Put yourself in front of people looking for your product and services

Automated Marketing & Sales Funnels

Automated Marketing & Sales Funnels

Automation is a beautiful thing... it allows you to build an audience, build a relationship with that audience and then sell to your new found fans.

Customer Insight & Research

Customer Insight & Research

Knowledge is power - evidence-based and measurable marketing decisions means that we know how to understand your customers’ motivations, behaviour and requirements.

Copy writting


Good copy can transform how people feel about your brand. Melt's team of writers draw on a wealth of experience to create copy that engages, persuades and converts your visitors.