Saloukee website by Melt Design

Easy Content and Product Management

Sarah can now simply edit site content, add new products, apply discounts, add blog posts and run marketing campaigns all within minutes rather then waiting for her old web guy to get round to making any changes. Giving her the flexibiliy and control she wanted

Getting Connected

The site is now connected to Saloukee's marketing tools, helping Sarah to email clients and run campaigns quickly and easily. All of her newsletter and special offer subscribers are automatically filtered to helping her to grow her marketing lists with minimal work.


By bringing the blog inside the site and away from the old, stand-alone WordPress platform, has helped to increase site visibility within search engines, and has also given Sarah regular content to share with like-minded people interested in fashion and design. This helps Sarah to build her audience and engage with her followers on a more personal level.

Ongoing Support and Guidence

We've been working with Sarah for almost 4 years now, and have seen her business go through multiple stages: from a very basic HTML site and patched up WordPress blog right through to her current eCommerce site that we developed. Sarah is a pleasure to work with and her work is awesome: we hope Sarah has massive success and her brand becomes a household name.

Website Showcase /

Saloukee Jewellery

To Coincide with the launch of her new collection, Sarah, the owner of Saloukee Jewellery wanted to give her brand and website a makeover to do her products justice.

She came to Melt to help her achieve something sleek, clean and minimalist to enhance her products and collections.

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I now feel I have the tools and support to really help me drive my business forward.

I've worked with Matt on different variations of my website and my marketing now for a number of years. The help and advice he gives me is priceless. He's always remained understanding, conscientious and dedicated to the task in hand no matter what I throw at him. He was able to provide my company with the skills and knowledge to make a website that far surpassed my expectations.

I love how simple and easy to use the new site is especially for myself, I now feel I have the tools and support to really help me drive my business forward.

– Sarah Kelly - Owner - Saloukee Jewellery